Fabric Softener

With Pure Fabric Softener, clean clothes will keep their fresh laundry fragrance for the longest time.

Took care of the laundry and your better half didn’t even notice ? With Pure Fabric Softener, clean clothes will keep their fresh laundry fragrance for the longest time.

Designed for sensitive skin, get rid of static on any fabric and leave a lasting freshness. Available in several scents.

Fabric Softener Refills for Hospitality Industries

Fabric softener is an essential component in hospitality industries for maintaining the quality of linen and towels in hotels, resorts, and other hospitality buildings. Fabric softener is used to soften the fibers of towels and linens, which in turn provides a soft, fluffy feel to the fabric, making it comfortable for guests to use. Our fabric softeners are designed to be used with compatible dispensers and are available in liquid form. They are typically formulated with a concentrated mixture of surfactants, emulsifiers, and softening agents that help to soften fabric fibers and reduce static cling.

One of the primary benefits of using ReThink BioClean’s fabric softener refillery services in hospitality industries is that they help to extend the life of linens and towels. Fabric softeners work by creating a lubricating layer on the surface of the fabric, which helps to reduce the amount of friction between fibers. This can prevent fibers from becoming damaged and extending the life of linens and towels. Additionally, fabric softeners can also help to reduce wrinkles, making linens and towels appear smoother and more presentable.

Another benefit of using using the ReThink BioClean fabric softened refillery system is that it can improve the overall guest experience. Soft, fluffy towels and linens are often associated with luxury and can create a positive impression on guests. Softened towels and linens can also be more absorbent, making them more effective at drying and providing a better experience for guests.

Using a dedicated fabric softener and janitorial supply refill service can also provide cost savings for hospitality industries. By using a concentrated formula, fabric softener refills can reduce the amount of product used per load, reducing the overall cost of laundry operations. Additionally, using fabric softeners can also reduce the amount of energy needed to dry towels and linens, reducing energy costs. By providing a soft, fluffy feel to the fabric, extending the life of linens and towels, and improving the guest experience, fabric softener refills can help to enhance the overall quality of the hospitality experience while also providing cost savings for businesses.

ReThink BioClean offers a variety of eco-friendly cleaning solutions for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Our selection of janitorial supplies and cleaning products can help you achieve a zero waste model. Contact us today to learn more about our refill service and other environmentally friendly options.

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