ReThink BioClean

Who We Are

ReThink BioClean Brandon is spearheading a transformative approach to accessing commercial cleaning supplies for businesses in Manitoba. Our mission is to empower hospitality businesses by providing enhanced janitorial processes, advanced equipment, and high-quality products. 

How We Got Here


Inspiration Strikes

In 2019, Canada was making significant strides towards achieving a zero plastic waste model. It was during this time that we identified a significant gap in the janitorial supply industry, particularly within the hospitality sector. Surprisingly, there was a lack of adoption of a refillery model for cleaning liquids among businesses in this industry. We recognized this untapped opportunity and set out to address it, aiming to provide a sustainable solution that aligns with Canada’s environmental goals.



Market Testing

Fuelled by the notion of developing a customized delivery system for janitorial liquids, we embarked on market testing to identify the most suitable niche for our concept. Our extensive experimentation encompassed various sectors, including gyms, care homes, restaurants, hotels, and even industrial applications. Each time we presented our idea, we witnessed a remarkable level of enthusiasm and interest. It became evident in a short period that the hospitality industry was the ideal space for our offer to truly shine, offering immense potential for transformative impact.



Commence R&D

Without delay, we immersed ourselves in the development process, aiming to create a system capable of storing substantial quantities of liquids, transferring them to a mobile refillery as required, and subsequently transporting the liquids to customers’ holding tanks. With this infrastructure in place, we dedicated ourselves to crafting our exclusive cleaning solutions and formulas, ensuring a truly distinctive product and service offering that stands out from start to finish.



Business Launch

Following an intense and dynamic six-month period, we successfully launched ReThink BioClean in Regina, Saskatchewan in 2020, introducing a groundbreaking Zero Plastic Waste solution for the local hospitality industry. Within a matter of days, we had already secured a handful of customers, and in just a few weeks, word of our innovative offering began to spread. Today, we take immense pride in serving over 200 accounts in Saskatchewan and another 200 accounts in Ontario. As Canada’s pioneer in janitorial liquids refillery, we are poised to expand nationwide in 2023, bringing our transformative services to businesses across the country.



Increased Locations

As of 2023, ReThink BioClean has surpassed its initial presence in Saskatchewan and successfully established new locations in British Columbia and Ontario. This expansion enables us to offer our innovative janitorial refillery services across Canada, reaching businesses nationwide. We are thrilled to extend our reach and continue supporting sustainable practices throughout the country.

Various ReThink BioClean's chemicals in smaller bottles with colourful labels.

ReThink BioClean Benefits


Plastic Waste Reduction


Lower Cost


Better Service

Our Mission

At ReThink BioClean, our mission is clear: to combat plastic waste by offering eco-friendly cleaning supplies in Brandon.
We firmly believe that there is a better way than sending millions of plastic bottles to the landfill each year.
We have the solution to this environmental challenge and are committed to providing it.

Better Quality Products

Our aim is to save time and resources while providing a reliable product that instills trust. Through our unique refillery system, we bring eco-friendly cleaning supplies to businesses across the country, actively reducing plastic waste. Join us in embracing sustainable practices for a better future.
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On Demand Service

With our dedicated support, you can focus on the critical aspects of running your business while we take care of the rest. Our mobile refillery system ensures that cleaning and janitorial supplies are delivered right to your doorstep, making a significant impact in reducing single-use plastics within businesses.
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Zero Plastic Waste

At ReThink BioClean, we understand this importance and offer businesses zero plastic waste options through our specialized programs. Our mission is to bring eco-friendly cleaning products and supplies to businesses across Canada, actively promoting zero waste practices.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we work with our customers by offering rent, lease and purchase options for commercial dishwashers in Canada.  Our equipment comes with extended service hours to keep your business running. We have commercial dishwashers in stock at all times, and will get back to you within hours to provide you with commercial dishwasher parts, or a quote on a commercial dishwasher for your restaurant.

Yes, we offer state of the art technology to monitor your liquid’s flow and tank level. Our cloud system permits you to adjust any time, liquid flow that might not be accurate or efficient for your laundry machine or dishwasher. 

ReThink BioClean's biodegradable cleaning products offer an eco-friendly alternative, minimizing the harm to the environment. These products have fewer toxins, ensuring safer usage while promoting sustainable practices for restaurants, hospitality, breweries, and public spaces.

We do an on-site assessment to provide appropriate-sized containers that will provide the customer a monthly supply of the filled liquid.  Our refill centres have both WHMIS approved labels, and easy-to-use reference charts to ensure the correct product is used for each required application.

You can call or set up a booking with us, and we would schedule an on-site assessment with yourself.  Following this, you will be provided with a product option listing with prices to suit your requirements.

We offer an on-call service, which will answer any questions related to your liquids.  We also have optional tank level sensors that will alert us if the tank is at low level or at risk of running out prior to your scheduled delivery – triggering action from our technicians.