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  • Acid Bowl Cleaner

    Acid/detergent emulsion for cleaning, descaling and deodorizing washroom facilities. Use on urinals, toilet bowls and waste pipes.

  • Acid Free Bowl Cleaner

    A low pH, non-acid toilet bowl, urinal and porcelain cleaner. Environmentally friendly, no butyls, nta or edta, biodegradable surfactants.

  • A ReThink BioClean's jug of Biograde GT cleaner.

    Biograde GT

    All purpose odour controller and waste degrader.

  • A ReThink BioClean's jug of Carpet and Floor Neutralizer cleaner.

    Carpet and Floor Neutralizer

    Designed to remove damaging film from ice melting (salt) compounds from carpets and floors, or to neutralize floors after stripping with alkaline stripper or wax.

  • A ReThink BioClean's jug of Enzyme Cleaner.

    Enzyme Cleaner

    All purpose odour controller and cleaner.

  • A ReThink BioClean's jug of Neutral Floor Cleaner.

    Neutral Floor Cleaner

    This is a neutral pH biodegradable, floor and hard surface cleaner. Environmentally friendly with no butyls, nta’s or edta.

  • Sure 5

    For hospitals, health care facilities, food processing establishment use and other institutions.


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