Dilution Control

Dilution Control

ReThink BioClean offers a range of chemical dilution and dispensing stations suitable for many jobs.
Our low pressure systems are especially effective, providing long contact time ensuring an effective deeper clean. Not only will it give you the best clean for the job, it is a great system for reliability, ease of use and affordability.

A ReThink BioClean's Promax dilution control equipment.

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  • A ReThink BioClean's Promax dilution control equipment.

    Promax and Promax C

    ProMax and its ProMax C variant, offer the most intuitive and cost effective dispensing system available in the market today

  • A ReThink BioClean's Prosink dilution control equipment.


    Provides high precision dosing for manual warewash in catering environments.

  • A ReThink BioClean's Sekuremax dilution control equipment.


    Modular evolutionary chemical dispensing cabinet.


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